What People Are Saying

Karen is a truly amazing instructor. My dad and I worked with her for about 6 months. My dad went from not knowing his left and right to doing Waltz like a pro – maybe not a pro but WOW we looked awesome. Karen is kind, caring, makes you feel extremely comfortable and really an awesome person to learn from. My dad and I are hoping to take some of her group dancing classes with our significant others. Karen is amazing – go see her!

Pattie was just wonderful! She made us feel very comfortable from the start. Not only was she ever so patient with us and the fact that we had no dance background, but she also taught us so much to make us ready for our first dance on our wedding day! We also had a blast with  her and it brought us a sense of relaxation during this crazy time of life. Would recommend her and everyone at Karen’s Ballroom, truly genuine people!

My fiancé who had never danced before really wanted to learn a choreographed ballroom dance for our wedding. I got two recommendations for Karen’s Ballroom Dance, and we went by her studio after quickly dismissing a larger studio in the area. We ended up scheduling the first of  what turned out to be quite a few lessons with her, and we are SO happy we made that choice! Karen was so patient, and created a dance for us based on our abilities. Very down to earth and personable, we felt so comfortable during our lessons with her. The lessons were affordable, and best of all, we could arrange them around our tricky work schedules. In fact, my fiancé so enjoyed this experience that we’ve decided we’d like to come back for some group lessons down the road. If you’re thinking of taking dance lessons…this is the place to go!

We have been with Karen for about 9 years and because of it we have seen such a difference in our dancing.  We have become more confident in our social dancing skills, even enough to do some performing.  Karen is a very warm, caring and compassionate person with the patience of a saint!  She helps each individual to achieve their goals and become better dancers.  Her classes are extremely well planned and taught so everyone gets the most from them.  She has a way of calming nervous beginners and advancing the more seasoned dancers.  She makes dancing fun, plus it is a great way of meeting and making great friends – we have the best group of dance friends! I think all of her students will agree that we feel that Karen is not only our teacher, but also our friend.   Dancing makes everyone feel good no matter what is going on in the outside world. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche:  “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

We are beyond happy that we found Karen. My husband and I knew we needed dance lessons if we were going to be able to pull off any sort of dance at our wedding. And with Karen’s guidance and patience we did! Karen is so easy to work with. We started off in group lessons and then as it got closer to the wedding we switched over to private. Karen is an amazing teacher and made it her mission to help us be successful. We would recommend her to anyone.

Before classes with Karen, our dancing was a mess… well my fiancé Brian’s dancing was a mess.  Last time we danced at a wedding, he ended up stepping on and ripping my dress.  Now he can lead me, and I can follow.  We feel confident that we will wow everyone at our wedding, and my dress will live to see another day.  We would be nowhere without our wedding couples class.

I got married this September and took classes with Karen to prepare for my big day.  I am so happy that I did!  Karen helped my groom and I learn the two-step, the cha-cha and even helped us come up with a first dance specially catered to our song.  We had a blast learning the steps and would look forward to the classes each week.  Karen’s classes were a great pace and very personal.  Her studio and style make the classes a very fun and comfortable learning environment. 
I also learned the two step with my Dad for our dance together.  We all got compliments on how we looked on the dance floor and we have Karen to thank for that!

We asked ourselves recently what would we do without Karen?  When we first started dance lessons (with another teacher) I found the experience embarrassing and grueling.  The class would watch as the instructor would point out the correct sequence of steps and have us try the steps a second, third and fourth time.  Then we left that world and found Karen.  Her routine is to show the class the steps several times and then have each couple try the steps on their own as she would work with each couple till the class had essentially mastered the steps.  Never a criticism or any “look” from her, just a smile and she would correct your routine. 

We found Karen some 5 years ago and our dancing has improved immensely.  We have migrated from rank beginners to an advanced level with her help.  Even now some dance steps go to “dance heaven” and she is able to bring them back to life.  Your only regret in not taking lessons from her will be ‘why didn’t I do this earlier?’

Karen is, simply put, a gem. My fiance and I are getting married in two weeks, and we have been visiting her at her studio for the past month to learn the waltz for our wedding first dance.  I am not the partner dancing type, so I was terrified going into it. I was totally convinced that I’d make an absolute fool of myself in front of all our guests on the big day – but Karen (a very calm, patient, and kind woman) has singlehandedly taken my paranoia and turned it into confidence.  She is VERY easy to learn from and never, ever makes you feel stupid when you make a mistake (she words her corrections very carefully to avoid doing that). She’s flexible with scheduling, excellent at tweaking steps to fit students’ skill and comfort level, and just a general joy to be around. If you are thinking of learning a dance for a wedding, other special occasion, or perhaps just for the fun of it, go to Karen – it doesn’t get any better than her.

Karen is a skillful teacher.  She has a kind, encouraging style that helps us to feel good about our rudimentary dance skills.  Her critiques are gentle and nonjudgmental, which helps us to learn from our mistakes; and she has created an atmosphere in which more experienced dancers are supportive of those just starting out.  In group lessons, along with learning technique and routines, we have met new friends who also like to dance.  When we take a private lesson, we are able to further develop and refine our dance steps and technique.  We thoroughly enjoy our lessons and Karen’s dances!

It was to be the first dance at our wedding. Karen was called in to teach the bride and groom how to do a basic foxtrot to “Some Enchanted Evening” (the Ezio Pinza version no less.) My then fiancé has less than no rhythm. Yet Karen patiently worked with us and we learned three basic steps. After the fourth lesson the groom was so frustrated and embarrassed with the whole business of dancing that he quit the lessons. However, he and I practiced in private – counting every step. The big moment came. Our hands were sweating as we walked onto the dance floor to the first notes of the “first dance.” Magically, we managed to get through two minutes and the three dance steps we had learned. He even dipped me! We stopped and on that cue the music stopped. The band began a rousing tune and the band leader invited everyone to come and join us on the dance floor. WHEWWW, we had made it!
Thanks to Karen’s patience and her acceptance of my groom’s feelings, the first dance at our wedding celebration was a total success!

We have been taking lessons from Karen for a little over a year now. Karen is extremely patient and passionate about teaching students how to dance. She is very adept at teaching men how to lead their partners. For a man, this is a very important part of learning to dance. Because she is so good at communicating what a man’s dance partner needs to feel, it makes her that much better with couples lessons. Although Karen excels at teaching beginning students, I can testify to the fact she has the expertise to take any student to any level of dance.”

Taking dance lessons with Karen was the most fun part of preparing for our wedding! She was a wonderful instructor for us as we had never really danced. She was patient and made the dance moves fun for us. She worked with the music that we requested and was very accommodating.

Karen is delightful and has built a beautiful dance studio. The floor is fabulous and easy to dance on – much prettier than a gym – with great lighting and mirrors to track your moves.

We were recommended to Karen as our dance teacher by some friends for our wedding dance. Though neither of us had any dance experience Karen designed a full foxtrot routine for us as well as teaching us a few other basic dance steps. She also designed another routine for the Bride and her father and offered to hold a short dance lesson at our rehearsal dinner! She was so helpful at every step of the way and managed to make a clumsy Englishman look graceful on the dance floor. We would recommend her 100% to any couples looking to make their first dance special.

Karen is wonderful. She is very patient and a skilled instructor. My husband and I took lessons for our first wedding dance. She taught me how to dance despite my two left feet! I highly recommend Karen’s Ballroom Dancing.

I have been a student with Karen for 14 years.  Some of my friends tease me that I must not be very good if I still need to attend classes but I’m still here because there are so many great reasons to take lessons with Karen.  I’m still finding new dance styles to experience.  My confidence and skill at following different leading partners continues to grow.  I’ve made lots of wonderful friends.  I get to experience sharing the joy of dancing with all levels of dancers.  But the most rewarding reason is the privilege of helping in whatever way I can with the great causes that Karen supports.  Her skills as a dance instructor are only surpassed by her compassion for the less fortunate. 

Start with a patient, devoted, experienced, fun and awesome teacher and add a jam-packed schedule of classes with something for everyone.  You can’t beat Karen’s Ballroom Dance and Fitness Studio.  It’s never too late to start dancing and once you do you’ll be hooked.

My fiancé and I have been taking private and group dance lessons with Karen in anticipation of our wedding in July.  Not being great dancers, we really needed someone who was patient and willing to start from ground zero.  Karen is just that, often taking turns with each of us to practice each new move.  She simplifies every move for us and maintains a great sense of humor along the way.  She is so nice and accommodating!  I’m happy that we are taking dance lessons from someone who loves what they do and genuinely enjoys teaching.  It truly lessens the anxiety of dancing on your wedding day in front of so many people.

My husband and I took dance lessons for our first dance at our upcoming wedding. Karen was such a wonderful teacher; she was patient and kind. We not only learned a great first dance routine but also met a wonderful caring woman. We both hope to go back soon to take more dance lessons from Karen.

We came to Karen’s Ballroom Dance Studio a few months before our wedding for both a group class and private lessons.  Having no experience in dancing, my husband and I found the group class to be both engaging and easy to follow.  Little did we know that later in our wedding, we could adapt our “new moves” to many songs, not just one.  In our private lessons, it was always easy to follow Karen who was more than willing to stop and very patiently (I emphasize this because we both needed to stop often) review a particular step until we both got it down.  Two weeks before our wedding, we decided to change the song from a Waltz to something considerably faster.  Karen was unfazed by our limited amount of time, putting together for us a routine that was easy to follow and learn in a short amount of time.  Our experience at Karen’s Ballroom Dancing has been a very positive one; we cannot thank her enough for tackling our dancing needs with patience and a warm smile.  We will definitely be back for some more group classes – perhaps some Salsa or a Tango!