Ballroom Classes

Each date starts a new 5 week session, each class is 1 hour long

$130 per couple; $65 per single person

2017 Summer and Fall Group Class Schedule

Updated 8/8/2017

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Beginners II: 6 pm
With Karen Batchelder

July 10th: Waltz
August 14th: Chacha
September 18th: Bachata
October 30th: Samba

MASSABDA Series: 7 pm
With Zachary Germain

July 10th: Chacha, Waltz, Viennese Waltz
90 Minute class. See Massabda page for details


Beginners II: 7:10 pm
With Karen Batchelder

June 27th: Review Session
August 1st: Waltz
September 5th: Hustle
October 10th: FoxtrotDSC_0107.305141555_large

Intermediate Singles/Couples: 8:10 pm
With Zachary Germain

July 18th: Chacha
August 22nd: Review Class
September 26th: Waltz
November 7th: Rumba

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Beginners: 6 pm
With Karen Batchelder

July 5th: Tango
August 9th: Rumba
September 13th: Waltz
October 18th: Foxtrot

Advanced: 7 pm
with Karen Batchelder

July 5th: Merengue
Jenn and Jeremy 1August 9th: Review Class - Salsa/Triple Step Swing/Rumba
September 13th: Samba
October 18th: Peabody

Intermediate: 8 pm
With Karen Batchelder

July 5th: Review
August 9th: Review
September 13th: Foxtrot
October 18th: Review


Beginners: 6 pm
With Pattie DeMaria 

July 3rd: Bachata
August 9th: Triple Step Swing
September 13th: Foxtrot
October 18th: Waltz

Formation Team: 7 pm
With Zachary Germain 

5 week sessions are ongoing, working towards a performance at Karen's social and other local events. July 6th: Choreography #1 - Foxtrot/Chacha/Rumba/Swing


Beginners: 6 pm
With Bobbie Pedra

June 30th: Waltz
August 4th: Foxtrot
September 8th: Rumba
October 16th: Chacha

Beginners II: 7 pm
With Karen Batchelder

June 30th: Rumba
August 4th: Waltz
September 8th: Tango
October 16th: Foxtrot

Advanced: 8 pm
With Karen Batchelder

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Student Practice Sessions: 3rd Saturday Each Month
$15 per person
Open Practice: 7:00pm-10:00pm

This is a great opportunity to practice your dancing while instructors are on hand to help and answer questions.

Scheduled Dances:
August 19th
September 16th
  • All are welcome; beginner to advanced students
  • Complimentary water and soft drinks
  • DSC02060_305141401_large-1024x768


Technique Class: 1 pm
With Jenna Caskie & Zachary Germain

Single Class (not 5 weeks) to work on technique and basics in different dances
Singles and couples welcome, $15 per person - Please RSVP
July 23rd: Expression during dance - with Zach
July 30th: Turns - with Jenna
August 13th: Hip Technique - with Jenna

Beginners Class: 2pm
Singles class with Zachary Germain

Couples are welcome, but switching is required

Wedding Group Class: 3pm
With Karen Batchelder

July 9th: Wedding Dance Lessons
August 13th: Wedding Dance Lessons
September 17th: Wedding Dance Lessons

Beginners: 4 pm
With Karen Batchelder

June 18th: Batchata
July 23rd: Waltz
August 27th: Foxtrot

Beginners II: 5 pm
With Karen Batchelder

June 18th: Bolero
July 23rd: Bachata
DSC02086_346194708_large-1024x768 August 27th: Waltz
October 1st: Disco


Class size varies depending on the dance and space required to execute the patterns being taught, so please call to reserve your space.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Payment for missed classes will not be refunded.  You may make up the missed group classes only by attending another group class.