MASSABDA Group Series

The next MASSABDA group series will start on Monday February 6th.
Each class is 90 minutes long, the dances we are covering will be American Waltz, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz.
This is a 12-week course run at 7pm weekly.

For more information and to register download the form here:
MASSABDA registration form

The current series routines are shown below:



Viennese Waltz


The previous series routines are shown below:


Step List:

  1. Twinkle to feather finish (end facing diagonal center)
  2. Reverse Turn (end facing diagonal wall)
  3. Open Right turn with Syncopated underarm turn
  4. Develope
  5. Open spiral to twinkle connection
  6. Feather finish
  7. Twinkle to flip flops, feather finish ending
  8. Open Right turn
  9. Chair Slip pivot
  10. (optional) Check to face to face back to back
  11. (optional) Free spin to twinkle connection


Step List:

  1. Curving basic (x2)
  2. Reverse turn with right side fans
  3. Promenade to explosion line
  4. Change of places
  5. Shadow position
  6. Slow shadow walks and rocks
  7. Open fan, exit with step-point
  8. Left Turning promenade
  9. Left turning corte (x2)


Step List:

  1. Prep step
  2. 1/4 turn right, 1/4 turn left (x2)
  3. Forward lock step
  4. Natural turn
  5. Spin turn OR hesitation step
  6. (optional) Chasse to right
  7. (optional) Back lock
  8. (optional) Tipple chasse to right

Videos from the previous series can be found here:
Old MASSABDA Group Series

Picture of MASSABDA competitors from the 2016 NEDSC Competition